did you try google to get some cool helicopter concepts?
I`ve found only this one: http://www.soos.cc/hhr%20chopper.html

such a great theme and no design experiments … strange. Strange, isn`t it?

Actually, if you have anything, post it here. Let`s start a chopper thread!


I saw some nice futuristic choppers in one of syd meads books . . . unfortunatley i do not have said book but maybe somebody could post the image if they have the book lying around? . . . they were squarishly stealthy looking beasts.

looks like a comanche lar chopper…big problem with that one there btw in that lite choppers tend to not use retractable landing gear to save the weight for fuel or for payload.

download this gentleman’s portfolio, and hang on…

you’ll have to view it off-line, but it’s worth it.