Helical cuts

I’m trying to make a helical cut to a solid column shaped object. After doing so, I notice that surface space that should be there is lost looking inside out (you can see through the column) but the surface is there when looking at the column from the outside. I’m working in Pro-E Student Version. Is the software the problem or my video card or could someone clue me in on how to do this type of cut correctly? Thanks!

hard to know. not giving us much info. Wildfire? Wildfire 2? videocard? driver release version? screenshots?

i have to guess you have some really thin walls. really thin. and that means probably a z-fighting issue. vidcard can’t figure out which wall to render for some reason. typical problem.

having a vidcard intended for CAD helps (i’ve not been impressed with my 6600gt, for example. way old CAD cards i have are still better).

try increasing the level of detail in the view (?) menu. If you can see it at somepoint it is probably there. try applying an appearance or coloour to it and zoom in to make it more obvious