WE’ll the message boards in this section of the forum havent been moving much…so i am gonna pop a question.

what is your favorite shoe? whether it be because of how it functioned, how it looked, how cheap it was, hold old it came out…etc.

My favorite because of fit were the AI questions- I have like 5 pairs. they just feel great- I liked the DMX air system. I think AI’3’s had it-not positive tho, has been a long time but the DMX is lost in like a month or shorter time-tht sukked

for a designed shoe that i like .its hard there are really so many… but i like jordans XVII

I think with this shoe the whole jordan brand and well teh one before this, I think this is where teh jordan brand really got sleek with the design and it almost has a dress shoe ( dressed up look to them which i think was very original and classic.) look.

but my favorite jordans were the VIII, just the materials the “bunny ear” straps…the carprt on teh tounge–thts wht i grew up calling it. just everything about it the whole funky ness to the color its just great design.

still thinking about more shoes…will post more…_________________markminer@mark-miner | //inspireme-info.blogspot/

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I’ve got a question for you…

Why make so many discussions which have names with no relevence to the content?


… unless you want you posts to continue to be deleted.