heatresistant transparent plastic sheets

does anybody know a plastic SHEET material to be used as filters in illumination:

  • transparent (with a range of different colours)
  • heat resitant (up to 350-400°C) for long/constant exposure
  • cheaper than tempered glass with decroic colour treatment

would be fine as well glass treatments which withstand the indicated temperature.

most thankful for indications!
kind regards

Check movie and theatre supply companies for gels. If you are looking for a clear heat-stable plastic try DuPont Melinex polyester. For something at higher temperatures look for plastics with an FR-rating (fire-resistant).

300degC is very hot… you may not find a polymer that can do it cheaply.


…don’t know any clear plastics that will take those temps and most glass would have to be of a ceramic blend and thick…