Headed to Dublin...Any suggestions????

Hey my fellow core friends. The misses and I will be headed to Dublin this summer on vacation and like previous years, I would love t get your suggestions on places to stay, things to do, and things to avoid. We do not plan to rent a car, so need to be close to pubic transit if possible.

So let’s hear it!! Any of your from there, been there recently. or know anything about the area???


I never visited Dublin, but spent a couple weeks in Ireland and had a great time.

One thing you notice is that the countryside is very very green… almost unnaturally green. That’s probably because of the second thing you notice, which is that it rains a lot! There are castles and ruins everywhere, you pass them every mile or so. They are on the Euro, so for some reason things are more expensive than England. The people were exceptionally gregarious - when you go in a pub everyone is your best friend and wants to buy you a pint (always return the favor though, from what I hear :wink: )

As far as Dublin goes, I’ve heard a lot about the tech business booming there, lots of local freelancer interface designers work for Irish startups. There’s also a Googleplex with many CA transplants.

Design wise, Guinness is a huge local brand and the brewery is landmark famous in the branding world. In the museum there’s a striking observation tower extension to the brewery that’s a modernist take on the frothy head of Guinness.

I’ve also heard there’s an amazing illuminated manuscript/book that’s supposedly a must see when you visit. Can’t remember the name…

Anyway, hope this helps. And dude - if you happen to be doing business in Bristol again, we should definitely meet up!

Go try Graeter’s ice cream, best ice cream in Ohio … oh, wait, wrong Dublin.

Having been to Ireland multiple times, I would definitely try to get over to the western part. In my opinion Galway is one of the best cities. People are much friendlier too. Try to get down to the Ring of Kerry, cliffs of Mohr, check out waterford crystal. Skip the blarney stone. Since your not renting a car, you can take buses. Have fun

Thank guys! Keep it coming. I don’t head out until this summer, so I have plenty of time to plan. We will be spending a week in Ireland and the going to Scotland for a week for a wedding. Should be a great trip.


+1 for visiting the Galway… Cliffs of Mohr and Kylemore Abbey were spectacular. You might get the same kinds of experiences in Scotland though

They say County Cork is nice too

driving is not so straightforward over there, roads are very narrow and windy, but can be really fun

Ok guys. Going to be heading out in a couple months. We have booked a trip to Kerry. Need some suggestions on food good places to grab a brew? You guys have any? Also is there a must do, must eat, must experience while there?


Dublin: http://www.visitdublin.com/events
Brazen Head - Oldest pub in Ireland http://www.brazenhead.com/
Trinity College and check out the Book of Kells - illuminated manuscript http://www.tcd.ie/Library/bookofkells/book-of-kells/
If you like Literary connections try Davy Byrne’s (mentioned in Ulysses) off Grafton Street http://www.davybyrnes.com/, or others http://www.dublincityofliterature.ie/dublinliterary/literary-world/dublin-literary-pubs.html
Guinness Storehouse: http://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en/Index.aspx
Grafton Street (pedestrians only) and Temple Bar area have lots of restaurants, galleries, pubs, museums http://www.museum.ie/, and shopping in close proximity.
Killarney National Park http://www.killarneynationalpark.ie/
Ring of Kerry drive (or bus) - You’ll have lots of pub, dining, music and entertainment options in the evening - just ask at your Hotel, B&B or pub!

I went to meet a friend in Dublin 2 weeks ago…

Get ready for lots of people drinking and seeing hen/stag dos everywhere - it’s a major part of the city.
Trinity College and Book of Kells is worth seeing, especially the Library. Amazing 2 story bookshelves.
The needle sculpture is great and you won’t miss it.
Foodwise, try the Ulster Fry-up if your heart’s healthy. We had some great Guinness stew too
We went down to check out Glendalough monestary south of Dublin and visited the Johnnie Fox’s Pub (kind of a local landmark, with lots of high profile visitors including presidents, etc. Was a little touristy but had cool décor). The monastery was very nice, so were the small mountains.