head hunter vs applying on your own

I just started to work with a head hunter, but I noticed that the jobs that they were trying to hook me up with are already publicly posted. LIke on sites’s like coroflot and IDSA employment section. So why would a employer pay a fee to a head hunter when they have publicly posted a position?, when they can just hire one of the applicants who send their own stuff?

And I was wondering, since the companies do have to pay a fee to the head hunter for finding you…does that fee cut into your salary negotiation at all?


Head hunters make up to a 50% commision on yhe salary you negociate so it is in their best interest to get you as much as possible.

I would say you should avoid headhunters. I’ve never had any luck with them and their commission does cut into your potential salary. I literally had to take a job that was ~30% less than what I should have been making but I had no choice, I needed the work. Headhunters also have a tendency to not know very much about their headhuntees and don’t exactly put you in the best possible light.[/u]

This can be true. Make sure that the headhunter you’re working with knows what a designer does and has worked with designers in the past. I know a headhunter who is a great guy, but doesn’t understand design at all. He kept trying to get me engineering jobs that I wasn’t qualified for and finally had to tell him enough already.

He was convinced that I didn’t want the engineering jobs because I didn’t consider myself an “expert” at mechanical engineering. He didn’t get that I just wasn’t interested because I wasn’t an engineer - period.

One thing that headhunters (the good ones) can do is get you an appointnment easier.