HDR photo filters

Hey guys, was browsign flickr the other day and came across sowm photos tweaked uing HDR filters…

Anyone know where I can download the filter, I guess its available for photoshop …

HDR is an application within psCS2 +, not with earlier versions.

HDR involves taking a serious of photographs at varying exposures and then basically picking and choosing the best parts of each photo and combining them all together. All photos need to be positioned the same, so using a tripod is critical.

Photoshop CS2+, as mentioned, has a HDR tool built in. (File>Automate>HDR). It’s capabilities are relatively limited, however. The best tool to use for HDR imaging is called Photomatix. Try out the free trial and you’ll see why everyone raves about it. Photomatix provides you with much more control over every aspect of the image, and you’ll be able to create some great results.

Check out the HDR Flickr pool as well for some incredible images: