HD Las Vegas

Did anyone make it to the Hospitality and Design Expo in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago?

I was happy to see the Pfister had a big exhibition booth…maybe 30x30 completely dedicated to Industrial Design. It was very cool to see. They brought in 4 ID’ers (not sure if they were staff or not?) and had each one set up for a different phase of design from initial exploration to full CAD. They also had sketches and different zCorp type models all over.

It was great to see the designers being showcased like that. I had to stroll thru the booth a few times :slight_smile:

i thought about going, but i didn’t know how big it was going to be. i’m in furniture and go to vegas twice a year for the market shows. i also go to CES (which is fun) in january. i may have to watch for this show next year.

@ Kung Fu Jesus

What company do you work for? and what area of cali are you in? I was just curious as to what furniture design companies are on the west coast. It seems like the majority are in the Michigan and North Carolina areas.