haxoring a ipod touch

I am going to buy a broken Iphone 3g and take apart a working Ipod touch so I can have a black case, and I want to get the camera on the ipod touch also. I am also playing with the idea of buying a replacement camera and milling out the back of the ipod touch case. I was thinking to paint/power coat the case as well, but that might mess something up. I’ll post some picks when I get the stuff in the mail.

best of luck. from what i’ve read just opening the case pretty much wrecks it, never mind the fiddly little components soldered to the boards. sounds like you will end up with scrap ipods if you go ahead…i’d warn against it,… sounds like a disaster in the making…!

I’d suggest to instead grab an old iphone EDGE (cheap on ebay), don’t activate, and get a colorware black back or case (or maybe powder coat the aluminum is possible). costs you less and you don’t need to take anything apart…same functionality, no messing around or opening things up.

not to mention if you do get the camera on the ipod touch physically, you won’t have any software support of it unless you can somehow switch the OS and baseband as well…


Though are definitely vary valid points. I was reading up on it and I think that you can put iphone firmware on it, possibly hacked. The second gen Touch is much quicker then the 1st gen, there are a few vids on youtube doing side by side comparisons. I would go for a 1st gen iphone but they are fragile.

I found a iphone 3g, jailbroken on ebay. the screen is messed up in one row but it looks fine. I have at&t so I might just use it as a phone too.