haven't posted in a while...

thought my fellow shoedogs on core might like to see a few of the new Heydays (and go buy a pair if you dig them at karmaloop.com, thetannery.com, pickyourshoes.com, or endless.com)

Heres a few pics of the Rumspringa Low

sweeet!. only problem is i can’t decide which one i like best. they are all pretty tight… i’d pick the first blue one methinks!


yeah i agree my favourite is the first blue one, love the photo next to that Post logo!

Those are great, I like the Rumspringa Lows, awesome choice of materials, juicy, yet rugged…

Top one’s rad!! thanks for posting

Heres some more

def like the Shift the best as well, that Chocolate one is pretty money!

my fav pic

Gah!!! I was right about to bite on a pair of your Rumspringa Boat shoes, but after seeing the Shift Chocolate… decisions, decisions.


Get both…! Please :wink:

oh they’re called rumsringa… devils playground reference? or just amish?

Amish…translates lossely to “running around”. Whats the devils playground reference?

Haha, alas, the budget of a poor student allows for minimal footwear purchases :slight_smile:

I think the “Devil’s Playground” is a reference to a documentary about the Amish rite of passage?

Let us know where to find the Shift “Postal Service”. That picture has sold me. Congratulations, Heyday has stepped their game up.

Thanks bro… The Shift Cobalt/Creme “Postal” will be dropping in July at retailers in the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and the Phillipines. Online it will be available at endless.com which is launching their Heyday store tomorrow actually :wink:

Heyday’s website is relaunching on 6/15 and in addition to the all new look and features of the site, Heydays own online store will be selling SS08 and AW08 product.