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On yankodesign recently, there was an article on:
Why Do So Many Designs or Products Look The Same?

I dont agree with much of the written stuff, but would like to see what everyone thinks.

What really stands out is this, I don’t know getting inspired can be actually wrong.

Working with Similar Visual Stimuli, or a Popular Visual Style

It is a dangerous mistake for new designers to look for inspiration like magazines. Looking at other products for a market competitive study is fine, but when it comes to inspiration, you will very likely reproduce designs that are similar.

I remember when Apple introduced the first iMac with their range of transparent bubble gum colors. Suddenly every product in the market was transparent bright blue or orange. Designers were just sick.

But designers were not cured. The same story followed with glossy white or black materials, and more recent geometric designs with the promise of simplicity stamped right on its metal body.

I’m glad to see that things are starting to change, however I still get nervous when I hear clients wanting to be the Apple of the “X” industry. More specifically, they want their products to reflect the same Apple look and feel rather than adopting the visionary and risk management style of the company.