Have you registered for the 9th IBDC yet?

Have you registered for the 9th IBDC yet? This year we will have the A-Team representatives (from Giant & Merida individually) to be the jurors! That means the IBDC will be oriented towards encouragement of real business from now on.

Here is another good news: The A-Team is planning to provide an “A-Reward” for the 9th IBDC. One of the 24 winning entries will win this prize. So…Don’t Miss It!

The deadline for registration and submitting work is Aug 15, 2004.

You might be interested in the latest statistics of registration. Please feel free to take a look at this Webpage:


Any question, please feel free to contact Vicky (ibdc@anet.net.tw or vicky@tbnet.org.tw)!
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The Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) is organizing the 9th international bicycle design competition and invites entries. There is no entry fee!
You may read about it, especially the schedule and the rules, on the web page http://design.runride.com
You may register through this web page from May 1 to Aug 15, 2004.
You have until August 15 2003 to submit your work for preliminary evaluation.
Twenty-four finalists will be selected and notified by September 15, 2004.
These twenty four submit their final work by December 20, 2004. Final results will be announced on March 10 , 2005, the first day of the 2005 Taipei International Cycle Show.

From this year on, participants submit the works for the preliminary evaluation through the Internet, they do not need to print the graphics out and mail them! The whole judging process will also be conducted with computer program.
Please feel free to see the latest statistics at http://design.runride.com/DESIGN/THROUGH/LIST_zzdeliver.asp?store=register

Contact: http://design.runride.com
E-mail: ibdc@anet.net.tw / competition@tbnet.org.tw