Have you pitched for freelance work in a perm job interview?

Just been wondering to myself, if the location for a permanent job is a bit of an issue, is it acceptable to propose working remotely on a freelance basis? Is this ever successful?

I don’t think I’d bother, if people are interviewing for full time employees, it’s because they want full time employees. They’ll have done the budget and got it signed off. If you offer to freelance, they may not have the budget for it or the say-so from their boss. They’d have to find extra funds. They may not employ freelancers, they might want all of their designers working in their on site studios, or maybe the people they are interviewing for full time are not the same kind of designers as the ones they employ on a freelance basis.

I’ve noticed this quite a bit on Linked In - freelancers jumping in and offering their services when recruiters advertise full time jobs. It must be very irritating for the recruiters - if they wanted freelancers, they’d be advertising for them.

Cheers for the reply

It makes sense. Full time staff are expected to work full time hours, whereas a freelancer probably has to balance around other commitments.

It seems as though most freelance work is scarcely advertised and it’s found through networking or having an association with a particular company / consultancy.