have you heard from pratt?

maybe i’m just feeding my nerotic tendencies here, but how many people have heard from pratt mid? accepted or not, just curious. email, mail, call…

Still waiting! No word as of yet… very anxious

I haven’t heard either…I called the MID office late last week and the secretary said they are still going through applications and will notify applicants as they decide. She said try back late this week.

i haven’t, but there was a post here about a week ago from someone saying they had already

Got an email that i will hear very soon! very anxious

one of my friend got the acctpetance letter last week, but she apply Printmaking major…

I got in for the BID Program. Now, I just need to get my last RISD stuff in, get accepted there (hopefully), and enjoy the difficulty of choosing where I want to go.

I’ve still not heard back from Pratt vis-a-vis the BID - when were you notified?

I applied by the Feb 1 deadline for BID. I spoke to the transfer couseler a few days ago. The ID department still needs to review the applications and they will “probably be sending out letters next week or the week after”.

I was a little suprised that the ID department would be reviewing my application. I am technically a transfer student, but am transfering no studio credits and would be going into the foundation program. So I’m not really applying for acceptance to ID nor do they have a slide portfolio for me. Oh well… out of my hands

it makes sense because they are going to get you in the long run :slight_smile: but it makes their job jsut that tougher (though maybe different faculty review)

as far as grad, the website says approx. 2 months (then you have to may 1st, or 2 weeks, to make decision)

i applied mid january for MID program… but i guess that’s where that “approximately” comes into play.

the waiting game.

has anyone else heard this week? and by snail mail or email?

I heard back about 3 weeks ago.

Monday, and still nothing. I was told about two weeks ago that i would hear in 2 weeks. go figure! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! (MID)

Just heard from Pratt MID, and its a YES!!! wooohoooo. How many people do they accept anyways?

ugh. still waiting. called and they said decision would be made the end of this week. vague, and a little off compared to what someone else posted here.

I think they take about 30.

hi… anyone out there still waiting to hear back from pratt mid? i still haven’t heard and it’s making me crazy. i emailed admissions and the id office and only admissions replied saying my application had been sent to the id office and to deal with them directly. i called the id office and no one called me back. i don’t know if i should keep calling because i don’t want to irritate them, but still! argh. if anyone out there hasn’t heard, let me know.

hi there,
Ive just got into pratts masters course in ID for the Fall semester.
I’m currently studyin in the 1st year, ID at the Glasgow School of Art after finishing mechanical engineering.
Just wanted to ask you whether I should go in for the school halls or find myself a place? which one would you recommend? maybe pros and cons?
Would you think it important to sharpen some specific skill sets before coming in for fall?
any other advice will be phenomenonly welcome.