Have you heard about strate college in Fance?

If somebody have an opinion about Strate college design school in paris, I would like to know what people know and say about this school. Thank you



It is a great school for the cost. For international student, each year tuition is about $ 5000 USD ( please check with the most current price)
Strate College is located right out side of Paris, it takes about 15 minutes to get to downtown Paris by train.

From the experience studying there for 6 months…
You can’t really compare with American school because Strate are not as well organized. School equipment is nothing compare with schools in America.( note that you are paying 1/4 price) Especially if you don’t speak French, you might feel a bit left out. But as long as you make good friends with their student, you should have no problem getting the best info.
Their program combined with internships and exchange program. In 4th year, first semester is internship, second semester is exchange program where you can choose country from Japan, England, Spain, Holland, etc.
Fifth year is sort of like a independent studies.

Most students there are very talented, very competitive but super nice ( well… at least to me)! you can learn a lot just from other students.
School also have excellent relationships with a lot of companies, such as Toyata, Citroen, Christian Dior…

Being in Paris, you see great design and art everywhere. The food is soooo good. Everyone in my year knows how to make Crepes! it’s amazing! $5 euro wine taste better than $20 dollar wine here.