Have you ever just lost it at work?

I just lost it at work. Of course, I feel I had legitimate reasons for doing so, and that I handled the situation as professionally as humanly possible…

but has anyone else out there just woken up one day and decided to tell a jerk boss off instead of just sitting at your desk trembling in fear?

funny you posted this…just happened to me tonight.

Weird. I kinda lost it with our Director of Software today. No regrets, you gotta stand up for what’s right–never compromise your reputation or ideals!

Yes, it can be liberating! Scary as hell but liberating too. I told my boss that he had been hiding in his attic for decades and therefore could not handle even the most neutral of questions anymore. And yeah, I know that this was maybe hitting below the bet a bit, and that I’ll probably “never work in this town again” (the boss is a supposed bigwig) but man oh man did he deserve it…and man oh man is it TRUE. And I am not even the “confrontational kind”!

Any juicy details you care to share? It helps talking/hearing about it. :laughing:

Btw, heard it said that you grow up to be like your boss, not your parent(s). G forbid.

i recently did at my work and got fired for it. i told the boss exactly what i thought of him and his control obsessive regime, only before accepting another offer from the firm’s lead competitor (the largest in the industry). i told him about this too and then he lost it, then i started laughing at him. i lied to him and told him the new company will give me a bonus the sooner i can put my old firm out of business. it’s a great feeling to see a control obsessive spineless boss to loose it, especially since they designed their failure. life is fuc$$$$ sweet.

I used the F word twice last year on 2 different clients. They were crooked and chiseling me and lying to me too so it felt good…albeit unprofessional but heck that is why I freelance so I can use the F word when I feel like it and never really get “fired.”.

I punched my boss in the face, then I went home and yelled at my wife, then I went to the park and kicked a puppy, then I made a kid cry!

I went off on my bosses a while back and it felt great. Not to mention that it started my search for another job which has now led me to better things.

I had one boss who was such a pussy that if a client called him and told him to lick the floor he would. I would come in and he would tell me to do something, then the client would call and he’d tell me to stop everything and do something different, then the client would call again and I would go back to the original project. It went on like that for weeks. I would leave for lunch and he would call me every five minutes asking when I was coming back because the client had been calling. ridiculous.

Then another boss would have me run stupid errands constantly and would call me into his office to tell me to print something out for his meetings, of course in the time that he took to show me how to do what he wanted done he could have done it himself ten times. idiots.

I finally lost it one day and told them that I wasn’t a secretary and if thats what they want then they should post an ad for one, not for an industrial designer. They weren’t happy.

I could care less because the company is a sinking ship. I heard the owner walk by the other day telling someone on the phone that “he was lucky to reach him because it’s our busiest time of year”. - I’ve been surfing the web for the past two weeks because there isn’t any work.

This is all so funny (not because telling a f-head off will/has gotten you fired), but because it looks as though I’m not the only one out there to do it…and to revel in the satisfaction of standing up for yourself and moving on and out and up, as much or more than you worry about what do to next and speculate about possible damage to your “reputation.”

Like someone said above,

yeah, when a boss “designs his own failure,” and then flails around looking for the next person to pin it on, he’s got to be TOLD.

Never went off on my boss… but did end up walking out on the job because of my boss. Basically I told HR (who already lost both managers & that’s why I had to report directly to this person) that there was no way I could work under these conditions…

I tried to speak to my VP (her boss) first but my boss came into the room and wouldn’t leave. Yeah, she was a bit crazy. Never regretted leaving the job. It was my 2nd job many years ago.

I still wouldn’t tell my boss off. It the boss was that much of an *ss then I know its time to find a new job. If the boss is just acting like an *ss that day I know it will pass. Everyone has a bad day. You have to cut them some slack. Guess maturity has taught me to be more tollerant.

I want to ask the graphic designer at our work to fuck off, my boss is quite OK though.

i never lost it at work, but i forced a former boss into losing it in fromt of the whole company. this guy is an alcoholic with a disintegrated marriage. the guy hates to be alone and one of his kids was at college, the other about to be. he would come in, obviously hungover, and would smoke about 2 packs a day.

he would take his personal life frustrations out on us.

i just kept methodically and discreetly pushing his buttons until one day, a small problem with his computer sent him into an awesome meltdown with his tantrum in full display of the entire office, including his boss and a few VPs.

it was deliciously pathetic to watch. his credibility among our department was gone, as we bypassed his authority and judgement daily. the entire company was treated to his asshattedness @ DEFCON 1

it was sweet.