Have you been knocked off?

From the newest DesignBytes at IDSA

Have You Been Knocked Off?: The Design Registration League (DRL), a coalition of design-minded companies, associations and individual designers trying to get Congress to pass federal legislation to protect industrial designs, is looking for personal testimonials from designers and/or companies about how knock-offs have caused economic loss, reputational harm and other damage to your business. If you have such a story please contact Theresa Esquerra at theresa.esquerra@protectdesigns.org


Good luck, even patent and trade mark holders get knocked off. In any event its your ablity to defend your property in court, and if that court is in shanghi your looking at some seious money. Most people and all but a few biggish companies have the money to defend their IP, so this legislation is a warm and fuzzy but for the most part going to be nothing more than that.