Have to get a Slivr or Pebl

I’m on verizon (which sucks just as much as all the other companies, but far worse in terms of customer service.) I have that tiny Samsung flip-phone from about 6 months ago. Obviously won’t be eligible for a new phone for another year and a half.

How could I go about getting a Pebl or Slivr? How much is it going to cost me? $200? Any more than that and I don’t think I’ll do it.

I got a SLVR on ebay last november, shipped from Sweden… $210 and works fine on Cingular.

I love it. no more pocket bulge and it does everything I need it to do

I’d definilty think about the black one though, it uses Tranflash cards which are getting bigger and bigger these days - at least 512 Mb now

So you just buy one and take it to the Verizon store to be programmed? It can’t be that easy.

yep, its that easy…

you have to make sure it is GSM if you want to use it on CIngular or T-Mobile, and I thinkthere is something about frequencies… but me, I bought it and got a plan and they stuck a sim card in and it worked

I don’t think verizon uses SIM cards, so your stuck there? but I could be wrong. With Sim card phones, you can use any SIM card phone with your network…

Verizon doesn’t use SIM cards. Their phones aren’t GSM enabled, they still run on Tri-band signals. Which is nice if you travel in the middle of the country where all there is are old analog towers, you can still use your phone.

As long as the phone is CDMA and TDMA, it should work… but maybe check with Verizon first. They could probably tell you what models will work.

Just wondering, why is it so important?

I mean I know as a designer we all want the newest coolest stuff, and generally designers have the coolest stuff, furniture, electronics, toys, etc…

But one thing that I have learned from my friends and teachers is most of us are really good at either finding great deals on the cool things we want, or finding something that is just as cool and design forward that isnt the newest latest thing.

I personally will never buy motorola again. I had problems with last 3. They used to be staple in the moblie phone biz, but now I am not a fan. Nokia’s are not quite as fancy, but they last forever.

I just want one. It’s not about being cool, I just want one.

So talking to some tech guru at Verizon is my best bet, eh? Sounds like I should just purchase a new, unlocked phone from Ebay.

I’ve never had a Motorola before, but my SLVR seems to work great.

I’d check to see if Verizon uses GSM… I think I remeber looking into what carriers could use the SIMs type GSM phones and only T-Mobile and Cingular seemed to be options.

I think that Cingular is going to pick them up for the US sometime soon - I bet you can get an even better deal if you wait, then sign up for a Cingular contract.