Have any ideas for a good school outside of USA and UK?


I’m planning to study aboard (undergraduate degree in industrial design) and i actully chose 5 universities to attend (University of Cincinnati, Cleveland institue of Arts, Glasgow school of Arts, Brunel University and Coventry university) but when seeing the tuitions and living cost i’m afraid that my parents and i can not afford it all. So anyone have any suggestions about a good school in Australia or somewhere else that cheaper? I also concern about the job after graduate so please help me find the way out.

Thank you very much


The first question you will need to answer for any meaningful comments is 'Where do you live now?". At least this will give a starting point for what your cost of living expectations would be.

I’m living in Bangkok Thailand. Could you please give me some advices? I heard that Domus academy in Italy is great but they teach in Italian. Do you have any places else? or i’d better learn Italian??

Anyway, thank you very much mr. Timf.