Have a look??


Hey Ter,

Welcome to the boards. Not to sound harsh, just trying to be critical and give you feedback that could help you land a job, but if you know that it’s not organized why put it up here without taking the time to clean it up first? None of us are going to tell you how to organize it, that’s your job as a designer and a story teller. I would suggest reformatting all you slides so that they are understandable and text is readable in the coroflot layout. It looks like you took final presentation boards which where meant to be printed as posters and compressed the image down to a web version, and that makes it come off a little sloppy and lazy.

Also, while this is a great place to get feedback and learn, also understand that may of the people who may read this could very well be the same people you are sending your portfolio out to in search of a job. First impressions can be VERY hard to change, so even though it’s an open forum, understand that how you present your work even in the early stages may affect someone’s opinion even after you clean it all up. Saying it’s unorganized can reflect poorly on you.

Good luck!

Couldn’t agree more with the above reply. Are your sketches scanned in? You need to really think about presentation, take your scans into photoshop and make that paper white! Select only your best sketches/drawings. Don’t just scan and stick the pictures up. For your “moneyshot” pictures, take better photos of your final models! Clean them up in photoshop.

Also in your profile where you have your resume, don’t put “allow the opportunity to prove myself”. Your first chance at prooving yourself is in your site. It’s also a real turn off to employers, you may think that it’s trying to say, “I’m willing to work hard blah blah if given the chance” but and employer should be able to see that already in the portoflio that you send them.