hassle free packaging

this is pretty interesting

Good to see that Logitech is improving their packaging.
I bought a wireless mouse a few years back from them and the packaging was so ridiculously excessive I actually photographed it spread out on my kitchen counter and sent it to them.

From online retailers this is all great news. It does not have to be impossible to get the product out just to be aesthetically pleasing. Well designed packaging can be done functionally.

That would be an interesting design challenge to get all the 'pro’s of the plastic and eliminate any of the 'con’s of cardboard…

to me, it seems like the biggest ‘con’ would be competitive advantage on the shelf. I might find the plastic wrapped version where I can see the product more appealing and pick that over a carboard boxed design - even with graphics. The carboard version seems kind of a retro way to pack batteries, and not in an appealing retro way…