Has anyone tried Webydo for making a site?

Have any of you tried Webydo for making sites? Apparently it is a web app that lets you create and publish sites. I’m thinking about trying it out for my site, time to bust free of iWeb.

Never tried or heard of that, but highly recommend Behance Prosite. I used it for my site www.directivecollective.com Super easy, very customizable, and easy to add new content and shuffle things around. I’ve even added new content on the fly from my phone 5 minutes before a meeting! $99 a year, can’t go wrong.


@yo: This might not fit your purposes, but Easy Web from Rage Software is a good alternative to iweb and I belive more powerful. Also, webacappella is an alternative depending on budget. webydo looks interesting.

Cool. Thanks for the tips guys. Will check them out.

I am also in the need for a refresh. However, we have to consider SEO. Does Behance have SEO tools built in? Are you able to tag images for the bots to see, or is it a simple upload? I spoke with a friend that is very familiar with implementing SEO, and he said that it is best/easiest to engage SEO if you start your page with it in mind. Our current site will have to be recoded anyway, so we figure we could just do a full refresh.