Has anyone tried Starck's Ploof chair?

Just wanted to know if anyone has had a chance to try Philippe Starck’s Ploof chair. Is it comfortable? Does it look durable? From the pictures it looks like a great design.

Hard to say from the photo, looks interesting but similar to things that are already out in the market. Hopefully it isn’t like some of the other stark products I’ve run into

Stark Fossil Watch - horrible

Stark Collection For Target - horrible

unfortunately the list goes on…

I have some of the outdoor furnature that he did…looks nice. Does not drain water like it was designed to do. SO, in my review it is missing the fine details. Cause I have to clean them all the time.

Haven’t had the opportunity to see it in person and try it out yet… but my buddy has and even though it looks soft and inviting it’s hard to imagine using it on a daily basis… kind of awkward seating arrangement, half seat half slump… hey there’s the name… PLOOF… there goes my back…

…I guess I can see that…

I’ve tried the sofa. It is as large as a 3 seat sofa, but only seats 2 because of the design.

suprisingly comforable seating position. The item I saw was hard molded plastic, and intended for outdoor use.