Has anyone interviewed with LEGO before?

Hey Core77 community,

I recently had the excellent fortune of being invited to interview with LEGO for a Spring 2019 design internship. The interview is in Sept or Oct, so I want to prepare as best as I can, especially since LEGO is a dream company of mine. Those of you who have interviewed with their Denmark design team before, what was it like? What kinds of questions did they ask? What advice would you give to yourself about the interview if you could go back and change things?

Thank you!

-Ben Chung

They were panning an interview 3 months in advance? That seems like a long lead.

My biggest advice when going into an interview is cliche, but true, be yourself. They are going to find out who you are anyway, so get there as quickly as you can. If it is a good fit, it is a good fit. If it sin’t, no amount of prep is going to change that.

My second piece of advice is to interview them as much as they are interviewing you. It seems like your dream job from the outside. Try to be objective to see if it meets your expectations.