Has anyone heard of Maximillian Burton?

I’m going to the Northeast IDSA conference in Philadelphia and Maximillian Burton is suppose to be speaking there, I was wondering has anyone ever heard of him or know him. He is Creative Director of Techlab at Nike. If anybody knows him personally, can you give me some basic info on him. Is he an approachable person, is he helpful, what kind of things is he big on when it comes to design, etc?

Also I signed up for the portfolio review and I was wondering what kind of stuff should I bring? Should I bring only shoe related stuff because thats where I want to end up, or should I bring everything? How many projects should be in portfolio?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Max is a good dude and a great designer. He is the director for all of the techlab product (Nike plus enabled product, hardgoods, not footwear), and had previously been design director of timing (watches) I believe. Prior to Nike he was at Smart Design I think.