Has anyone ever dealt with Nike Recruiters before?

anyone? if so, how are the experiences.

No, but if I do I will tell them to fuck off. 100K a year wouldnt make me work for them.

The one I know is very nice and willing to help.

help an 8 year old learn how it is to bust his ass working?

Haven’t you heard? Human rights groups are now praising Nike

about time. hope this is true!

is it an in house recuiter? or an outside headhunter who represents Nike? If its an outsider, do they soley represent Nike or do they rep other companies as well? In short: did thay find you or did you find them?

nike’s design recruiters are super helpful, they’re the first step in securing a job at nike…especially if you don’t have any other connections there.

“jramon”: your opinions are antiquated and uneducated, at best.

seem to be in-house with email address ending in nike.com
they found me online and contacted me to request info. seem very nice and helpful so far. hope something turns out.

jramon, care to share your anger with Nike? is it about the sweat shops?

yes, it’s about the sweat shops. but, it shows I stand corrected. Opinions arent allowed in here, i assume.

Dude, And you think Nike is the only company that may have or had sweat shops? If you hate the swoosh hate all other manufacturing brands as well including any lables you maybe sporting. No insult projected.


…sounds like someone who couldn’t get in the door :wink:

If I had a dime every time I got that labor line I’d have as much money as LeBron. It almost allways comes from someone that’s never been to Asia and who likes to buy $5 graphic T’s from Target. Basicly the more expensive the shoe (or anything really), the more the factory workers get paid. Obviously that is why Bruno Magli shoes made in Italy cost so freaking much. Thats not opinion BTW, that is just economics.

Every time you try to enlighten someone with an untrue point of view with some facts, they complain that their opinions are not wanted. Dude, I’m sorry if your point of veiw folds like a novice poker player with no pairs, but thats your problem.

On topic, you know, the one the person asked about, the Nike design recruitment team is pretty top notch. A great group, they travel the world continuously searching for hot talent.

Even if working at the swoosh is not your cup of tea, feel proud dude. That these guys contacted you is a huge sign that you have the goods. They contacted me about 3 years ago when I was working for a small design firm on the east coast of the US and it all worked out nice.

If you come out for an interview make sure you give me a shout.

even if the labor abuse was true,

use your power to promote change from within…

Agreed with Yo. I had an interview last year with Ms Olivia in the UK for a position in the US. I got shortlisted for a 2nd interview but I never heard back. Wasn’t too bothered though as I didn’t fancy working in the US just yet.

The interview started with a (lengthy) presentation on Nike, it’s founder, history, etc, etc…was very informative. Then it was done too one to one interviews. My interviewer was very pleasant, nice to talk to and down to earth (I was expecting very different :blush: ) At the end we got a set of flash/inspiration cards (or whatever they’re called). :sunglasses: