has anyone done an internship with new balance? do tell...

has anyone done an internship with new balance? do tell…

I have and I really enjoyed it and felt that I learned alot. What would you like to know?

hi! i wanted to know, what they do there? do you actually get to design? brand? how does it work? what are the chances of getting in? do they pay you? what are the facilities like?
how far are they from boston?

anything else you can add would be great. did you do footwear design prior?

My roommate is doing an internship with them. He was focusing on backpacks more than footwear though. I know his is a paid internship, I’m not sure on many more of the specifics or how he got it, but I know he lives in Boston and seems to enjoy it.

They are located in Lawrence MA which is about 20 min north of Boston, I took the train from boston everyday. All of the interns get to do alot of design work. The amount does depend on which team you work with though, i worked with a team that seemed to have more work then they could handle which was good for me since i was able to add alot of input into shoes that are now going to market. It was a great experience and I have heard other shoe companies joke about NB’s intern program as being shoe school “they educate them we hire them”. I had no previous experience to New Balance.

Do NB hire their interns afterwards if the experience is a good one?

All of the people that I met there that had been hired into entry level positions had interned for NB, except one person who had interned at Nike. But, being good does not mean that they are going to hire you. It is all about timing and hoping that a position becomes available. When I was there my team really liked the work that i was doing for them and wanted me to stay but unfortunately for me there just was no position available.

any idea what they pay junior designers ?

hold up…20 minutes nort of boston…either you didnt live anywhere near boston or you’re on crank and driving real fast…Lawrence is almost 40 min north of boston if you dont hit traffic. and on 93, you will hit traffic.

just my 2cnts.
Dr doodle

I took the train from boston to work. i never drove so maybe it is longer than i though. but point is its still close to boston.