Hardware suppliers for HighEnd briefcase / bags

Hi all,

I have assumed my first “softgood” design project and I say “softgoods” as the products fall into this product category but as they will be made of rigid carbon fiber and other composite materials mainly they are not that soft in the end… :wink:
However, the equipment needed for these products, and I mean the hardware (locks, buckles, hinges, rings etc) are a new world to me and i was pretty disappointed from what i saw the client send me as samples so i need to look for my own.
I did find an interesting company called Fidlock ( http://www.fidlock.com/en/fasteners.html ) but i want to find more suppliers of this type/quality.
Fully custom solutions due to time (mainly limitations) is not an option.

I remember also a very nice system for the shoulder strap attachment that Mnadarina Duck is/was using :

do you know is this was a custom solution (i guess) or you know the supplier ?

Thanks for your time and your resources.

Have you looked at ITWNexus? They do a lot work with police/military. Their stuff is well made and depending on what you need your buckles/snaps to do, they have high-performance materials with low infrared signature. If you’re into that kind of stuff. :wink: :wink:

You could also try this Maker’s Row. They’ve changed their format a bit since I first became aware of them. It’s not as nice as it once was but still may offer a contact or two worth chasing down. http://www.makersrow.com

I hope this helps.

hi, umlautthoni. Thanks for the links! Maker’s row is such an interesting platform. I will have a look.