hardware choices?

okay…basics first:

My current computer specs:

-windows 7 home premium 64 bit
-AMD Sempron LE-1300 2.30 GHz
-Graphics card- Nvidia GeForce 6150E nForce 430
-RAM, 2 GB (1.75 usable)
-C Drive: 182 of 288 GB free
-D: 1.47 of 9.87 GB free

So now that you know that, you probably now know that im not the greatest when it comes to computer info (i typed that from the info i got on my control panel).

My questions are; (1) If i buy a cintiq 21ux and run sketchbook pro on it…will there be any lag or annoyances considering my system hardware? (2) Is there any tablet type devices that have a screen size comparable to the 21ux and would sketchbook pro run fine without lag on said device? (3) If my computer is not enough, what would you recommend for me?..im looking to stay in the $2000-$3000 range…keeping in mind that my wife (the money man), is the biggest cheap skate in the world!

I plan on using it just for sketching ideas for the company i work for, and also for toying around at home…i mostly draw cars, superheroes, all the usual crazy boy stuff. I am currently seeking a school to continue my degree for industrial design.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That machine is pretty far back as far as technology goes…but the good news is you can download a copy of sketchbook for free and run it as a trial without the cintiq. Just download it and try playing around with the mouse and see if it looks laggy.

Your machine is actually above the minimum requirements, the only potential concern would be Sketchbook 2012 uses the graphics card for the free-rotation feature which is very handy. That may present an issue on the older card, but you might be OK.

If you did want a new machine, assuming you’re in the US (since computer prices vary wildly across the world) you can get a very powerful machine for under $1000 these days.

Download the trial and give it a go - that’ll give you the best answer. I think you’ll be fine.