hard time grasping concepts

Sorry for my mistakes but im writing this quickly. Im in my first year of ID/Arch studio during the summer at UH as a freshman. The thing is, im having a really hard time grasping all the concepts and ideas that we learn and talk about (hierarchy, space and object, form etc…). I mean, when the prof. explains them, they make sense, but when I try to actually implement them and utilize them, I just go blank. My prof. says its just a matter immewrsing myslef in it, and it will all eventually sink in. Does anyone have any sort of way to expedite my understanding, or something that could help me undetrstand these things better?

Unless you’re truly hopeless (and if you were, you probably wouldn’t be asking this question), I bet it’s just a matter of time before things start to click. There’s no real way to expedite understanding. It’s really just a matter of doing over and over again. The worst thing you can do is to pretend you get it when you don’t.

Just be open about what you don’t understand. Email your professors and visit them during office hours. Ask them to recommend some books, like designer monographs that focus on process and not just on the end product. Read about the principles of the Bauhaus, and the careers of people like Charles and Ray Eames. Try to get inside people’s heads and understand how and why they made the decisions they made. Ask questions of your classmates during crit. Talk to professors in sculpture and drawing to get a different perspective on the same issues.

You’re only in your first year. Just keep at it!

Take one concept and evolve from there. Expand the idea you alread have. Come up with many ideas as you can by changing it each time. Your prof is right. You don’t grasp the concept, the concept grasps you.

a lot of things don’t click right away- far more than you would think. It takes a progressive approach to building a concept, and this can take time.

I really like what the other poster said that the concept gets you. Remember that while you can out-think a concept, it’s not a reliable way to work- give yourself time.

Good Luck-

First year in art/design school is typically instructed via immersion of the foundations (it’s usually called “Foundations” year.) I remember little instruction from this year, but plenty of activities and time spent in group critique moderated by the instructor.

As OBewan might say “let go Luke”

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The first year is about forgeting what you think you know. My advice would be to ride the wave. It will all make sense much later down the road. Frankly, I initially thought the first year was a waste. Looking back, I see it as some of the most important stuff I learned.

and as john wayne once said:

“keep your distance joe”

I totally (and usually) agree with Yo. Stay aware of what you’re taught, be appeased that what you learn in class will apply in the future, but don’t force everything you’re taught into everything you do. Things you learn in school are just like tools you’ll use for certain jobs, as you sketch or design it’s about learning which “tools” are appropriate for that project, sketch, design, or point in time. Trying to use them all at once will just stress you out.

I differ from Yo in that I while I felt my first year was a waste of time, it later turned out that it was in reality a waste of time. My 3rd year is when things got nuts.