Hard On The Nib?

I just got an intuos4 and after a week I’ve worn down the stylus nib. Is this normal?

Which nib are you using? Felt? Try lightening up/switching nibs. They’re cheap on Wacom’s website, too.

Definately not normal. Maybe try adjusting the pressure settings so you don’t need to push as hard? Are you drawing directly on the tablet surface or do you have the packaging film left on top?

love the name of this thread. Next time you’re walking past someone while they’re working just lean over and say “hard on the nib?”. I live for stuff like this

Nice lol

I love the feeling of the felt nibs. However I burn threw them pretty quickly. I’ve switched over to using the default plastic nib now. I don’t like the feeling as much but they last much longer.

It got better once I lightened up the pressure and increased the sensitivity, but those little suckers are wearing down like a graphite pencil. I love my tablet though.

I’ve really liked drawing with a very pressure sensitive brush to get a lot of sweeping solid strokes with a lot of thickness variation, sort of like drawing with sumi ink and brush. I wish it were a little messier, maybe even include some bristle marks. That’s my problem, a lot of pressure changes. I’ve been using the rubber ended nib but it’s not looking too hot these days.

I need to show the nib some respect.

You aren’t the only one. If you look up Intuos4 reviews on Amazon, the main issues among users are the easily worn out nibs and some issue with the connection between the cord and the wacom.