Happy Birthday Google

I noticed Google put up a cake for their 12th birthday today.
Does anyone use anything else besides google on a normal basis? I use google everyday.
I still cringe when I think back to searching with yahoo and netscape.

By the way, has anyone seen the piece of CBS Sunday Morning about the google doodlers? Seems like a great job.

I use Bing for their Bird’s Eye view when I’m looking for site conditions with some of my work. It’s nice to be able to rotate around a building. The address function is very hit or miss, it might put the address up to 2 miles away! So I usually only use it when I already have a general idea of what I need to see.

Other than that, I can’t stand using anything but Google. Bing just seems like a big advertisement to me, and I haven’t searched through Yahoo’s start page in years. Here’s an awesome collection of old search engines for those of us who’ve been on the “Net” for a long time: http://royal.pingdom.com/2008/09/16/the-web-in-1996-1997/

And I saw that Sunday Morning piece a while back, very cool stuff. I think it was around the winter olympics if I remember right.

Oh man, that brought back some memories. I think everyone had AOL back then, and it was like playing the lottery to sign onto the internet. If you were online, no one else could call the house. Of course they had to call the house because who had cell phones?
Sometimes you would click a website, then just leave the room to wait for it to load.

What’s funny is I still have the same AOL AIM name and password from 1995, I was only 11.

Without cable internet speeds, where would we all be?

I would like to see some screen shots of core77’s first days.

Yeah, I still use a variation of the same password from way back on Compuserve (whoa!!)

AOL was crazy when it came out. 1200 or 2400 baud modems were as good as it got, then 14.4 came out and 28.8 and 56K.

I’m with you on that. I still use the same screen name on a lot of sites from when I was in 7th grade (1994). I stayed up all night trying to think of a username that was shorter than the 8 character max limit.

Prodigy was my first computer + modem experience.

I use google like I use my lungs. It’s just grown to be a extension of my brain.

I noticed this morning on the back cover of DWELL a big picture of Claire Danes and it says: Actor / AOL Original.
It’s an ad for AOL’s 25th anniversary. So I went online and it turns out its a picture of Claire Danes (and other actors/aol originals)
by Chuck Close.

I thought it was a pretty good ad but then I began to think, What does AOL do today?
I don’t have a @aol email anymore. I rarely use AIM and I search with Google. I would think a majority of people are like me.

Anyway, just thought that was interesting considering this convo.