Hang Hole, Round or Inverted T (Butterfly, Sombrero)

Do retail establishments still require Inverted T or Sombrero hang holes? Why not stick with round hang holes?

I’m designing some hanging packaging and in my investigation of retail spaces, I have yet to come across displays that require anything but a round hang hole. I understand that they’re out there, but it seems so few retailers use wider pegs. Is there a reason to be accommodating of wider pegs?

It’s generally the preference or requirement of the client based on knowing where the product is being sold. Inverted T and Delta (an inverted T that is a soft triangle) can be used most anywhere while a hole is single-wire only. As you’re investigating retail shops be sure to focus on retail where your product is going to be sold.

A client of mine uses round hang holes in all of her packagings.
This has to be discussed with your retailers.
You can probably have them accommodate the hanging hooks to your packaging as well since the mounting frames are quite universal.