hand sketching for industrial designers.. PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi, I`m an industrial designer but my hand sketching sucks!

I need help with hand sketching, but for an I.D. and a begginer! how can I learn how to skecth? how to draw a product, a shoe, a car, a microwave, a telephone, anything!

I need some excercises so I can make a straight line, and to learn about perspective and tips for hand rendering and all the stuff I have to learn about hand sketching.

All the books I`ve seen at the moment dont teach you that, they think you can draw so good or that you want to draw a face or a body…

I really hope you can help me please!!! I dont want to buy a book that wont really help me from the beggining.

It should be a book called hand sketching for industrial designers for DUMMIES!!


Rapid VIS


this is pretty basic, and sort of a standard. I find it’s a good place to start.
But like a lot of posts on this forum say, practice.
Drawing is a skill, it can be learned. It just takes some time.

start with simple shapes… learn how to gain good perspective… and mostimportantly… learn how to draw elipses…

I’ve been an industrial designer for 5 years… and during lunch, or in meetings, or before I go to bed… I draw cubes, elipses, and axis lines over and over again to keep in good practice… Go buy a sketchbook a medium round stic bic and practice every chance you get… I guarantee in like a month you’ll be 100% better.

thanks for the link and for the advices… yep I have to practice a lot!!! I`ll start making elipses and circles!.

I`ll see if I can buy the book, if you have more links or books or tips… please let me know, thanks!

I just ordered the rapid viz 3rd edition (released on march 2006) book! toghether with the design yourself book (released on 1990)… both on amazon.com

As soon as I get my hand on those books I`d tell you how it helped me.

thanks for the tip!

Hi there,

I’m the other side of the world. I started out with shitty chicken scratch sketches. Got some books and webbies for you to reference.

Scott Robertson is one the greatest legends around. His Website has the basic tutorials to teach to how to draw objects, perspectives, lines, circles, elicpse…etc.


Then for the design process sketches, another link for you and the book

It helped me a lot. Oh yes…one last thing. Practise and Practise is the Golden rule. Drawing is just like learning how to ride a bicycle. Nobody’s perfect.

Hope this works.


Great link, thanks!

Please don’t say you’ve never drawn or hand-sketched before design school (…). If you haven’t, books and tutorials will be of limited use, a little like learning to dance in your thirties, the right moves are there but you still look like chopsticks on the dance floor. I’m just amazed there are design schools anywhere admitting people who cannot already draw reasonably well to communicate.

Im amazed there are design schools that admit people who draw great but have too little creativity... drawing is a skill and can be learned and teached... creativity is a lot more dificult to teach and learn... dont you think so? I do draw just reasonably to communicate, but still when I see some of the drawings of my friends or here in core77 wow I SUCK!! Thats why I want to learn and practice!... thank God Im not afraid to admit it and ask for help!

I agree Mancho, it’s a lot like learning a language. Sure, the older you do it, the more difficult it is, but it can still be done!

and if you push yourself, and hang out with others that speak that language well, you will become fluent. It’s not talent, it’s skill, and like learning CAD, it’s all about hours in the seat. Most people just don’t want to invest the time. They want to know how to sketch, but they don’t want to learn… apparently some might think that is BS… but who know what they have done or if they are creditable…

more credit to you for taking the time to better your skills dude.

Thanks for your support, and you just said it! it is like a language… and that works for me too, I`m Colombian, my native language is spanish, but I had to go twice to USA to just learn how to speak, read and write some english, hope next year I can go again and stay there about 6 months.

ciao and thanks again


Hi, Ive been practicing my hand sketching... Ive been drawing circles and ellipses and straight lines, so I can “control my hand”.

Does anyone have more exercises or tips? so I can practice more!!! (while I’m waiting for my book).


As usual… I agree with YO. When I really wanted to improve my sketching, I decided I needed to make sketching a habit. It IS like learning a language.

I could -draw- well in high school, but mostly from looking at objects. So I had to re-learn how to sketch in a new way. (From the elbow, instead of the wrist!)

I just always keep a few sheets of paper in front of my computer so when I’m on the net, or waiting for a game to load, watching a movie, etc. I just doodle little ‘practice sketches’ - I practice ellipses, straight lines, cubes in 3-point perspective (then i sketch ellipses on each face- like a circle inside of a square), and simple little products like computer mice etc. Every now and then I throw in something with tentacles (organic forms!) or a gross monster to keep it fun.

So you end up with pages fulllll of tiny little sketches, but it really does help keep your sketching “in shape.” – Now I get a little antsy if I’m on vacation and get the itch to sketch on something to keep in practice.

G-man I like your designs very much, good portfolio!! and good hand sketching… no?

What software did you use for the bicycle and the metrocar? I`m using rhinoceros and solidworks.

The bicycle is great!