Hand Renderings

I thought it would be interested for everyone to describe their methods of doing a hand rendering of a shoe. What steps you take, what materials you use, etc.

depending on the purpose of the rendering (ie. concept design, or presentation) i tend to use hand renderings as just a quick informative illustration.

  1. use a template to keep proportions accurate. usually an illustrator line art underlay.
  2. light pencil sketch
  3. grey makers to develop form
  4. color markers to lay in panels
  5. fineliner or pen for stitches, details
  6. PS to add punch in contrast, background, logos as requried.


Welll my method is…

  1. tracing template from previos renderings or pictures…
  2. light blue 0.9 mechanical pencil drawing, working on all pieces o/lays u/lays
    webbings etc… drawig additinoal views if necesary
  3. inking. i use LePen 0.5 mm blk with french curves and sweeps…Sharpies also.
  4. Scanning and bringging the file to Illustrator.(depending on time or neccesity i
    a. someitmes re-trace my drawing to make it super clean…
    b. sometimes live trace the image so it feels a little more skechy…
  5. add background and call outs if is for presentation, or detailed and spec
    everything for sample making.
  6. Photoshop…narggg i don’t really use it anymore…

I wish everyone a nice holiday weekend! (labor day) for all my hardworking collegues…

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