Hand excercising

rock the squeezer?

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So maybe I’m like the last one hear to clue into this, but I’ve found that when I use one of those spring loaded hand squeezer things to exercise my hand related muscles, my sketching improves, as does my handwriting, and typing. It totally makes sense that dexterity would improve, but I can’t remember anyone telling me that it would help my sketching. I also don’t remember what I had for dinner two nights ago, so it may not mean no one has ever told me.

Anyone else “rock the hand squeezer” to help with their sketching? I even set little outlook reminders to pop up every couple hours at work so I remember to stop and do it for thirty seconds.

Hahaha… there are way too many wide open opportunities in that one…

I’ll have to give that a try though. It does make sense when you think about it.

i actually find that any form of excerise normlly hinders my sketching. Mainly because drawing from my arm, my arms normally shake for a good while after either running or hitting the gym lifting weights.

Hmmm, I guess I hadn’t ever tried pumping some spring steel and then immediately hitting the sketch pad. Could be dangerous.

Yeah, I know this all sounds like some double entendre, or innuendo for self love, but I really did wonder if anyone else had the idea that improving hand strength and dexterity would improve sketching abilities.

Does anyone know of any other things to do to improve sketching besides sketching? Maybe a miracle hand cream? I should add that to the survey…

There’s more information out there than you care to know…
an example:

awesome! I think I’ve seen that guy on leno before. I remember doing that alternating finger interlocking deal to increase dexterity when I played the bass back in high school

I do it but with some regular shop clamps that are very heavy duty. You don’t draw right after any working out, your muscles will be deprived. But just making sure to work on your fingers and wrists helps with your control. I’ll flex to keep the wrist nice and stiff while drawing and it improves the line quality when your fingers and wrists aren’t wobbling around when you’re trying to draw a smooth line. Working on your grip helps you to lock up that whole assembly at the end of your elbow when you want to, similar to boxing.

who cares man…just keep sketching/writing/typing…and you’ll improve automatically :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t know, I’ve never rocked the d and d. I guess thinking physical fitness is important as mental fitness must be lame. Back to my doritos, mountain dew and dimly lit cubical… lol