Hamish's Portfolio

Hey guys,

Long time follower of this section and i’d like to say thanks to everyone on here for the great feedback and portfolios you guys present, helped me learn a lot on what an ID portfolio should be.

Below is a link to my pdf portfolio on issuu, i’d love some feedback if possible

Thanks in advance

Layout is strong, but almost seems to much like a magazine or a story book. Which can be good or bad. I feel like a lot of the project information is in the text descriptions, the portfolio would be more successful if you did a better job telling the story of each project with just the images.

The drawings are interesting, but showing so many so small makes them hard to focus on and leaves a lack of hierarchy for the eye to focus on.

all projects aside from the chair have a lack of people. People show context to the products and make them much easier to understand.

Hi Hamish,

Had a quick look this morning and this is my initial view:
Would agree with the points from Drawstreet, not sure the catalogue layout really works - but you do lay it out well in this format.

Also I would look to re-scan in your sketches, there is some good ideation here but lost in faded scans/reproductions.

thanks guys, Drawstreet, thanks for the point about context, as soon as i read it i realized, completely slipped my mind. I’m definitely working on learning to tell the story with my images rather than my copy and would appreciate some more feedback when i finish touching up from the points you guys raised