HAMANN Ferrari F430

No much of a new Ferrari guy, even less of a modified Ferrari guy (it’s not expensive and exclusive enough as it is? Plus they usually ruin them) but this one is the exception…


Initially reaction: omg, another person who is driving around their primered car! Having grown up in the south, I can’t avoid that as my first reaction.

Studied reaction: The flat black looks good. Hamann really did the paint job well. The added ground effects look as refined as something Ferrari would do, plus it has a bit of F1 to the look. However, the bright glossy red is just too gaudy for me. It gives the car the look of being assembled by teenagers on a tight budget (they couldn’t afford to repaint the parts).

What caught your eye Yo? I do have to say, this looks alot like a sneaker to me.

took the words right out of my mouth… looks like a shoe with the orange ground effect.

wouldnt really call the car subtle, but in a way the pops of orange on the flat black are kinda less flash than the usual everything-shiny-and-bright-with-lots-of-stickers-and-scoops car mods out there.

I can see the shoe similarity. Like this almost (maybe needs an orange tongue logo or collar lining though).