Halloween 2010

For all you pagans out there, what are you going as?

Me - hipster

Retro wool jersey
Skinny jeans rolled on the right leg for full calf exposure
Keen sneakers
Chained wallet
Ironic facial hair
ECMC cycling cap

What’s sad is I have all this stuff, except the wallet chain and ironic facial hair. :blush:

This should complete the look:

I like “s.e.x.y. lobster”: (slight swearing)

Dr. Zoidberg

Just some ideas …

pick a reality show and live the stereotype

Kanye Runaway video idea

  1. Bird/Girl
  2. Group Costume = 1 Kanye, 1 bird/girl, troop of ballerinas

Hot dog on a stick employee


old “The Birds” costume combined with Twitter birds and dress as your favorite starlet who’s getting lots of tweetage

My girlfriend and I went as Fry and Leela this year. I’m glad to see others representing futurama!

Side note, went to a fiends place for Halloween. A group of kids came to the door early in the evening and it went something like this:

Doorbell rings
then in the smallest 6 year old little girl voice
“Are those VEGAN candies?”

Only in San Francisco.

Ughh! I got a similar response. I give out full candy bars for Halloween, and had one parent tell her kid that they could not have any because it would make them fat. Really?! So my candy bar is going to make them fat versus the rest of 5lbs the candy get while Trick or Treating. Whatever!! Also had a parent dig through the candy bowl to find something without nuts. This I can understand but still annoying.

This year I was surprised to see multiple instances of children carrying two bags, one for them and one for their parents standing back on the curb. If you could afford to get your kid a costume, buy your own darn candy!