Hall of Fame: Packaging Innovation

If there was a Packaging Innovation Hall of Fame :lotion_bottle: :beverage_box: :trophy: and you had to pick an item from your life to nominate, what would it be?

Mine is this built-in dosing cup on a mouthwash bottle — next-level compared to standard cap-as-cup — it gives you the means to be precise and keeps the bottle sides free of residue. Seems to be almost even in terms of material use - has a smaller cap, but has the valve stem.


I don’t know if it is hall of fame, but I really love how this shoe box was designed to be the shipping box. There is a lot of nice stuff going on with direct to consumer brands.

Deborah Adler’s ClearRx System for Target would be among my first choices.


That’s a good one, it’d make it into the HoF on the first round of voting. The MoMA has given it the nod…

A nomination for the Double-Duty Packaging Reuse Award:

The blister packaging IS the paint tray :exploding_head:


that is a pretty nice idea :slight_smile:

ooooooo, I do like that
I also wonder how many people realise that it is the paint tray

Don’t get me wrong, I love kits, they pay my salary. But my problem with kits it they are single use. I’d venture to say many customers pitch everything in that kit after one coat of paint.

My pick, and I am tooting my own horn, is the Matrix Cell packaging. On the upper left of the pictured instrument is the loading spout. The box drops in, it is wider than the spout and hags over the edges. The user karate chops the box, it splits in the middle and pours into the spout. I find it a fun user experience, ymmv.

@iab any video or a gif of that? Would love to see!

That may very well be the last box in existence. And it was created well over a decade before smart phones. So unfortunately, no.

ah, gotcha. Would have loved to see someone popping that in!