It would be nice if there could be a Hacking section in skills, or off topic.

Like illegal hacking? Or Design-Hacks?

Hacking is always legal, it just means adapting, changing and messing with tech you own to make it more to your liking. But it is often confused with cracking (illegal). All crackers are hackers, not all hackers are crackers :wink: The difference has to do with your intentions for hacking. (the geek in me just couldn’t resist)

I apologize for the shameless plug of my thesis work but it just so happens to deal with the hacking of everyday objects.


The site is a platform for discussion and discovery about the modified objects I have created. They have been modified according to observations of misuse, reuse, unintended use, purposeful appropriation and thoughtless acts. The motivator for seeking unintended uses are convenience, necessity & play. These objects were altered in order to facilitate specific unintended and unexpected uses and are not meant to be commercially viable products. Instead, they are tools to help start discussions and offer new ways of seeing the hidden potential in our everyday objects.

Please check it out and feel free to leave comments on the site and guess what you think they have been modified to do.


99.9% of “hackers” are just script kiddies. Keep it off these boards plz !!!

^I second that…

Are we talking about IKEA hacks? Or hacking together a PC board? Or writing new code for an existing device?

Either way I’d say use your best judgement and work it into the most appropriate forum (ie Furniture, Software, and so on)

In general we don’t think we need more discussion forums. We already have several seldom used ones.

Like Maker Fairs and Arduino, raspberry pi, and IKEA hacker. Or even building a hotrod. Maybe call a section “the workshop” or “the garage”. Like a place to discuss maker culture and how that relates to being a designer. I didn’t mean like being 1337, that’s what IRC is for. A place where non-project projects could go better. Such as, I’m building bikes and furniture out of older larger high end road bike frames that have been damaged, it’s not a professional project and I’m not looking to start a venture out of it, I just want to make stuff (and write run-on sentences).

Simon: We have the “projects” category that is sorely under-utilized. I’d love to see more of what you’re talking about, but just toss it in “projects”.

I think that still deserves to be in the project section. If you’ve got something cooking, toss it up! We’ve got that Honda motorcycle build that’s been going for a while, and there was that track car project that was pretty cool. Even if it’s just a personal project with some process to it, I’d toss it up!


NURB: W3rd. That Honda build blows my mind. We need more!