Ha! Beware you Kryptonite U-lock users!!!

If you own a Kryptonite U-lock (or happen to be the guy who designed it), your bike may not be so safe anymore, but I guess it’s better than that poor bastard who now has to worry about his job and countless lawsuits. Some guy just proved you can unlock them by just using a Bic ballpoint pen. Have a look!

it’s the engineer, it’s the engineer!

designers only do the graphics for these

No half-brained self-respecting thief ever bothers to even try to cut the hardened lock alloy simply because the lock mechanism has always been by far the product’s weakest point. And guess what, they’ve always been “pickable”, though (holding myself hard not to laugh out loud) not by a $0.29 Bic pen.

Ask any locksmith, they’ll tell you it’s always far easier and more reliable to machine a lock-picking tool, no matter how many prototypes you go through, than trying to break down a door. Same goes here. Kryptonite, like mfrs of automotive steering-wheel lock bars, always thought thieves obsess over sawing through the lock body. Wrong, that’s noisy, time-consuming and requires expensive special tools. Of course they gave you all these $1000 guarantees if you ever brought back a sawed-through lock, it’s common sense.

The hardened steel body alloys have been pushed to the limits of metalurgical knowledge while the locks, no matter what Kryptonite advertises, are essentially 30 year-old “technology”.

Hard-learned lesson for these guys.