H.T. Huang toucan lamp

Hi y’all,
Been curious about this desk lamp from the 80’s.
It’s a plastic toucan with a fluorescent lamp in its beak, designed by an unknown H.T. Huang, sometimes falsely credited to Ettore Sottsass.
Cooper Hewitt sells them for 450$ (!) http://shop.cooperhewitt.org/p/4495/Pelican-Table-Lamp
but they pop around Etsy and Ebay with a slightly lower price tag
This item is unavailable - Etsy

What the story on this one?
anyone got more info on the design and/or manufacture of these?
are they really that rare?
and how do I get my hands on one???

I’m just glad someone is appreciating Memphis design! Very cool.

Memphis is ALL OVER our boards at the moment… :wink:

You might enjoy this little guy we just launched:

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so no info on the mysterious toucan?
is it connected in any way to memphis group?

It seems like the idea pre-dates Memphis, and the Toucan got slimmed-down (via jazzercise?) for the 80’s by H.T. Huang.