Guy Webster Motorcycle Museum Open House.

If you are not familiar with Guy Webster’s photography, it’s legendary.; world wide film celebrities, rock and classical musicians, magazine covers, U.S. Presidents… and motorcycles… vintage Italian racing motorcycles in particular. A lot of them…

This coming Sunday, February 13th, at 420 Bryant Circle, Ojai, California. It’s a great day ride from LA; north on 101, to 33 (just above Ventura), then east on 150. See Map

The weather has been gorgeous all week, no reason to think it won’t be on Sunday.

At last count his collection was pushing 90 bikes. This collection is usually only open to organizations and to the public only very infrequently.

This is one of those occasions, and is presented by Mr. Webster completely free of charge.

9 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST