Guitar players?

Just seeing how many/if there are any guitarists in here. I’m having some trouble with some music theory and was seeking help regarding scale positions and modes.

thanks a lot

What do you need to know? I’m a drummer but have been studying Bass lately and know a little about modes and scales.


I’m working on my improv skills…

Say I’m soloing in the key of G using the major scale

Would it work to solo in E (relative minor) using the same shape as the major scale?

It sounds decent, but I don’t know if its really the right way to identify what scales to play

I am a guitar player. What is your question? Also, the biggest question, what style are you trying to play. If you are playing blues, the methodology is much different than say, country.

Yes, if I remember correcty, the shape of the scale will be the same across any key.

I can’t answer that but reading about modes I learned this:

If your in the Key of G, you can start in the 6th position which is the E. I think that’s the Aeolian Mode of G major. This is where the E minor scale starts.


J6 thats exactly whaet I was looking for, thanks! Just to double check, six up is the same as the relative minor correct?

another question, are the positions of the modes in order of which the notes of the scale are in?

like for C


starting on E make it the third position?

Yes on both counts! I just read about this while learning my Bass so it was fresh in my mind.

Good luck!


Guitar player here! I know my scales, but don’t know their names :laughing: I learned by ear.

I love the blues, rock and christian contemporary music.

I mainly play my PRS SC245, but also play PRS McCarty, Eric Johnson Strat and ES335 via Orange amps!

What do you guys play?

Also learned by ear. I play a Koa wood Alvarez acoustic. I’ve played almost 10 years now, and I can still barely pick through songs. I suppose I could devote more time to becoming a rockstar, but there are so many other things I’d rather be doing.

Big fan of Earlier Radiohead, Pixies, Zeppelin, Blues stuff, White Stripes… the list goes on.

My guitars includes: American Deluxe Sunburst Strat, American Deluxe Cherryburst Telecaster, Platinum Edition Gibson Les Paul Studio, 2 Pearl White Epiphone Sheratons (one with P-90 pickups and chrome hardware, the other with Gibson 57’s with gold hardware), Epiphone HeritageBurst Les Paul 12 string, and a Gibson Les Paul Jr. RI in TV Yellow. All played through a Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe amp.

The collection started about 5 years ago and has become an expensive hooby. But all of these are regularily played. I don’t believe in hanging them on the wall for decoration only.

I consider my guitar collection a savings account. The guitars retain great value. I play all mine as well. But, I also love all sorts of amplifiers, especially EL84 and EL34 tubed, Brit amps.

It’s an obsession that gives back much joy~

There’s a book called the “guitar grimoire”. You can get it @ Guitar center or wherever else you get your supplies. It has all the modes, cords, scale etc…