Guidance/Advice needed!!!

Hey Core77 this is my first time actually making a post but I was hoping for criticism, advice, help, or whatever else the boards have to offer. I’ve been on this site for awhile but finally i’m deciding to take a step outta my box and start pursuing my passion. Thanks to this site and others I’ve been educating myself on something i been doing since the 4th grade…This is just an idea I had for a Under Armour basketball shoe for Kemba Walker…A little bit behind it I really love my GMC Terrian because it styled so much like a shoe lol so that was a big part of the design and the first Nike Kobe sig because of the stability the outrigger provided.
UA Kemba.jpg
Terrian grill.jpg
Terrian sleek.jpg

Hey prestiege_86
Taking some inspiration from the GMC car is an interesting starting point, I’m not sure if the grille inspiration is translating though. What is it about the form that you find interesting? Is it the material use, the form, what it symbolizes, etc? Rather than doing a literal translation of the grille onto the shoe can you distill down the essence and rework it to a form that makes sense for a shoe?

Keep sketching, I think it’s a good place to start but definitely keep exploring, see if you can do 10 different versions inspired by the GMC car, or maybe new inspirations. Good luck.

Thank you choto I appreciate the advice and definitely will put it to use