GUI/UI UX Internship

Hi all,

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I’m an IDer, but my sister company does UI/UX/GUI design. They’ve asked me to help them set up an International internship program. I’m not really up on this side of design, so if anyone can give me some pointers for Uni’s that I should approach directly that would be great - as would any other suggestions. Is core77/coroflot the turn to place for people looking for internships in this field?

I’ve heard that Delft does a Masters in Interaction so they are on the list, but as for other places…?

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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CMU’s got a great HCI program, as well as a great Interaction Design program. The undergrads in the dual major HCI are also talented.


For web interaction, SVA’s great.

University of Michigan’s School of Information also has a great HCI program.