GUI outside resource

Looking for any recommendations on outside firms that have specialties within GUI development for a project.

Not to worried about location other then within the US or Canada.

Graphics, code or both? (Some argue “both” is the unicorn of the IT world)

Web-based, other?

I wouldn’t call those unicorns at all, there are tons of consultancies out there that will do front end and back end development (UX, visual design, code).

The bigger questions:

-How big is the project? (A consultancy that only does $250k+ proposals may do great work, but not if you need a 2 screen app built).
-What platform(s) - Web, Native, Mobile, Proprietary, etc
-What is in your scope? IE Full UX design and usability testing, with back end code, just visual re think of an existing GUI, etc?

code is not needed at this point but a shop that has the ability would be nice

users will be phone based and computer based
fairly deep more then 5 pages less then 50 not really sure yet
usability testing

I was speaking on an individual basis, not on a consultancy basis.

As for the OP, we do that in-house. Plenty of firms on coroflot. Sorry, I know that is of no help.

I’ve used mind grub in the past for your scale of app.

Some quick googling:

you first need to set budget and tell the platform where you want to implement.