Guess what I am Designing

looks bathroomy to mee as well.

I’d say: Aftermarket toilet seat with water jets and infrared adjustment.

Some designers have all the fun! I am so jealous.

You just need to relax now, it will all be over soon. :open_mouth:

Still not too late to add an iPod dock :wink:

I’d hate to do the alpha testing reviews on that one.

Looks like there’s plenty of room for an ipod in there though… feature creep anyone?

jinx!~ you’re it!

Are you at liberty to show more of this thing? I do products for MRI scanning, mostly breast but we’re working on prostate too. I’d like to know more about your product (mostly for my own edification at this point).

Nope…can’t show more yet.

Please. I don’t want to see any more of it.

“the shocker”

Face it gents, it’s only a matter of time till you have to get your prostate examined (if you haven’t already). The sooner you make peace with the prospect the easier it’ll be. Harden up and take it like a man. It may save your life.

It is interesting how once you start designing a product that revolves around the rectum (the male rectum at that), how difficult it is for the team to keep a straight face.

I mean, even the doctor involved continuously made bad “Rectum? Damn near killed 'em” jokes. “Moooon Riiver” was sung more times than I can count.

I even started off the initial design exploration documentation with some very interesting Medieval torture devices just to break the ice. People are VERY uptight when it comes to their thing that everyone has.

thanks for sharing. nice to also hear about the behind the scenes mentality that goes into designing a product like this… funny, i was actually going to guess anal probe when you first posted this, but decided against it to keep a level of decorum on the boards. oh, well, guess i don’t win the prize (but judging by this, maybe i don’t wantit anyhow :slight_smile: )

thanks for the fun. maybe this “guess what i’m designing” should be a regular feature on core. you should email Allan C. to suggest it! good fun for all! could be a small piee of a sketch, render, etc…