Guess what I am Designing

A new game for you:

Guess What I am Designing Now??? Go ahead…its fun…you try!

a laser pedicure machine?

I can’t even guess, so I’ll just suggest something really silly.

Showerhead for self-sufficient pets, with lines for shampoo/conditioner, flea soap, and tomato juice for skunk incidents!

Dental mouth rinse basin…or a bidet.

I’m going to play the odds on this one: iPod dock!

The instrument panel for the new Avro Arrow.

the charging base for a cordless kitchen mixer

The instrument panel for the new Avro Arrow.

Mr. I never even noticed before, but when you posted this I knew.

So obviously Canadian.:wink:

What an incredibly beautiful aircraft, and such an outrageous debacle.

Oh yeah, my guess; a dental chair mouthwash station.

O, you are all SO far off :smiley:

A humidifier?

Hint…I have posted about it on the boards already.

Flushless urinal?


Looks like something I would rather not come in contact with… getting warmer?


The truth is out there!

It’s something that comes into play when you’re abducted by aliens.

We have a winner! Give that man a prostate exam!

Are you use-testing this thing??

A parliament stabilization device

Nope…too many heads already where this thing is meant to go in Parliament.

Luckily, I am not in the target user group…for a few more years.

But we’re waiting for the protos to come back and Doc Proc is having at some lucky patient probably next week.